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Kru Lookkade is a private Thai language teacher for expats in Thailand. She has been teaching Thai since 2014. Her experience started when she interned at a guesthouse    in Chiang Khong. During her time at the guesthouse, Kru Lookkade taught Thai to the guests staying at the guest house and she learned English at the same time. She did this for a few years before graduating from university.

After graduating from university she spent 3 years working for Thomson Reuters (Thailand) as a data analyst and about 1.5 years at Thai Samsung Electronics as marketing support. After working in an office environment for 4.5 years, Kru Lookkade realized that teaching Thai to foreigners just like at the guesthouse was much more fulfilling than having an office job. Naturally Kru Lookkade enjoys talking to new people and helping them speak Thai better. Currently Kru Lookkade lives in Bangkok, Thailand.  She enjoys animals and nature very much as well as exploring new places in the city.