Survival Thai for Busy People

Looking for a way to quickly learn the basics of getting by in Thailand?  If you then you’ve come to the right place. Kru Lookkade’s Survival Thai course for busy people will teach you how to speak Thai for getting around in Thailand in only 3 weeks!  Only 6 spots are available so book now!

Problem learners are having:

  • You’ve tried learning Thai by yourself but that didn’t lead anywhere.

  • You want to take a beginner’s Thai class, but you don’t have time on the weekends.

  • You’ve tried going to a language school but the only time they have group classes are in the afternoon.

  • You tried taking classes where the teachers only lecture and the students get no speaking time.

  • You want to take a beginner’s Thai course, but other courses require many months.

If any of these problems sound familiar, then this Survival Thai Course will be perfect for you.

Course Description

Kru Lookkade’s Survival Thai Course will teach you how to use the most basic phrases, vocabulary and sentences to get by in Thailand.  The class will focus on actual speaking Thai instead of reading or writing phonetics. Classes are kept small to make sure everyone has plenty of opportunity to practice speaking.  

Classes will be held on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays from 7:00pm to 9:00pm at TCDC Emporium.

Course Outline

  • Lesson 1 : Greeting & Introduction

    • How to say “Hello” and “Good bye”
    • How to introduce yourself
    • How to introduce your family, friends, and co-workers
    • How to ask other people’s name, age, etc.
    • How to say sorry
    • How to make a basic question and answer the question
  • Lesson 2 : Asking for Helps

    • How to ask for help & offer things
  • Lesson 3 : Ordering Foods & Beverages

    • How to order food and beverage in Thailand
    • Vocabulary of Vegetables, Fruits, and Meats
  • Lesson 4 : Direction & Preposition

    • How to asking and giving direction and preposition
    • How to talk with Taxi driver and motorcycle taxi
  • Lesson 5 : Expressing Your Feelings, Needs, and Opinions

    • How to tell you feeling & need to other people
    • How to ask other people’s feeling, need, and opinion
  • Lesson 6 : Making Invitation, Appointment, and Booking

    • How to make and cancel an invitation, appointment, and booking
  • Lesson 7 : Go Shopping

    • How to negotiate and ask basic question when you go shopping
  • Lesson 8 : Describing People & Things

    • How to use basic adjectives to describe people and things
  • Lesson 9 : Telling Time, 7 Days, and 12 Months

    • How to tell the time and the date in Thai Style
  • Lesson 10 : Talking About Sickness

    • How to talk about your sickness
    • How to talk at a pharmacy

Level: Beginner

Tutor: Pradthana Saengduan (Kru Lookkade)

Time: 20 Hours

Price: 6,000 THB (300 THB/Hour)

Place: AIS Design Centre (AIS D.C.) TCDC at The Emporium 5th Floor.

Class Materials: Handout and Worksheet

Who’s the course for?

  • Are you at the beginner level for learning Thai?

  • Is your schedule busy and you don’t have time on the weekends?

  • Do you want to have many opportunities to speak instead of being lectured to?

  • Do you enjoy learning in small groups as opposed to learning one on one?

  • Are you living around the Sukhumvit area?

  • Do you want to just learn basic Thai so you can get by easier in Thailand?

If you said yes to most of these questions then this class will be right for you.

Who’s the course not for?

  • Non-native speakers who want to be able to speak Thai for survival.

  • People who are willing to practice speaking Thai everyday.

  • People who can speak English at a conversational level.

What People Say About Me

“I had a lot of fun learning Thai with Kru Lookkade. I was very comfortable but also challenged in the lessons especially when I made mistakes – she is very patient and observant of where I could improve.

She cleverly uses the beginning of the lesson to set the context for learning (talking about my daily life in Thailand, what I had been up to recently and then learn relevant new phrases and words that I could use immediately.) She is teaching Thai that is useful in everyday living in Thailand. This gave me confidence to practice with native speakers and have fun with speaking Thai language. She was also teaching me aspects of Thai culture (and some slang which is very funny) which really added positively to my experience in Thailand.

As well as contextualized learning we had well structured teaching using the book (Kru Lookkade uses a very good book for reference). Kru Lookkade set a realistic schedule of lessons and was very reliable ensuring that we kept to the schedule. She is very flexible to do teaching over skype or in person one-to-one and this worked very well for me.

Thai is a very good language to learn because Thai people are very friendly and I always got a lot of encouragement from Thai people when I tried to speak Thai. Thai people appreciate a foreigner trying to speak their language and always are very helpful to me. So have a go and you will be surprised how much you will learn quickly!

With Kru Lookkade the lessons I had were excellent value for money and I would strongly recommend Kru Lookkade to help you meet your Thai language learning goals.”

Sawasdee khrap!

Bernard Carroll (Ben)Irish, Ireland

“I would say is that I felt that you had experience teaching people from different cultures, which is not always easy. I appreciated you professionalism in the classroom, and your happy personality also made it fun to come to class week after week. In fact that you are very good at English, and could explain a problem in more ways than one, was very helpful to me. I would definitely recommend you, and if I should find myself living in Thailand again, I will come to you, to brush up on my language skills.”

Henrik Holmroos (Henrik)Compliance specialist/Danske BankSwedish, Sweden

“Lookkade structured some of the lessons in a much better way which I really preferred.

This made the learning more simple. She also embedded a couple of Thai culture and living topics which made the lessons less monotonous and facilitate a better understanding of the Thai language. Lookkade speaks also very good English, what is comfortable for absolute beginners like me. I can truly recommend to learn Thai with her!”

Michael Meister (Michael)German, Germany

“Kru Lookkade is always smiling and gentle. Her lesson has a relaxing and friendly atmosphere, so that I can practice and learn Thai naturally, not only learn through the textbook. Also, she teaches me the derivation of words as well as the meaning of them. It makes me to memorize Thai words easier. I am really glad that she is my teacher.”

Yuko Sakaguchi (Yuko)Director, Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) BangkokJapanese, Japan

“Kru Lookkade is a very patient teacher. I lived a year in Thailand and had Thai class 2 hours per week. I improved quite fast, starting from the very beginning. It is never easy to start learning a new language, sometimes you are afraid of saying a mistake, but Kru lookkade is very kind and put you at ease. I have never felt bad in Thai when I was learning with her. Kru Lookkade really adapts to your personality and wishes. After a few months of classes my Thai Language was correct, so Kru Lookkade finds me new exercises to complete my lacks in grammar and vocabulary. She adapted her teaching to my evolution skills.Two years later, back in my country, I am still able to understand and speak Thai.”

Celeste Paty (Celeste)Ph.D. Pharmacist, Boiron LaboratoryFrench, France

“After trying two group lessons and one private lesson, I finally met Khru Lookkade, the best match for me. Her teaching style is casual but efficient. Patient and kind but straightforward when needed.

 I enjoyed learning Thai as well as brushing up English skill with her. The lesson always starts with greeting each other and talk about both current state. Soon, she suggests to talk in Thai. I naturally try hard because there is a story in my head already! Also she won’t interrupt correcting small grammar or pronunciation fault, as I am a beginner. She knows what to focus on, to increase language skill, according to student level. Now my life in Bangkok is much comfortable with Thai skill, thanks to her. Above all, I had fun talking with! Thank you Khru Lookade.”

Misako Ishihara (Misako)Japanese, Japan

About Kru Lookkade

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Kru Lookkade is a private Thai language teacher for expats and tourists living in Bangkok, Thailand.  She has been teaching Thai since 2014. Her experience started when she interned at a guesthouse in Chiang Khong.  During her time at the guesthouse, Kru Lookkade taught Thai to the guests staying at the guest house and she learned English at the same time.  She did this for a few years before graduating from university.

After graduating from university she spent 3 years working for Thomson Reuters (Thailand) as a data analyst and about 1.5 years at Thai Samsung Electronics as marketing support.  After working in an office environment for 4.5 years, Kru Lookkade realized that teaching Thai to foreigners just like at the guesthouse was much more fulfilling than having an office job.  Naturally Kru Lookkade enjoys talking to new people and helping them speak Thai better. Currently Kru Lookkade lives in Bangkok, Thailand. She enjoys animals and nature very much as well as exploring new places in the city.  Kru Lookkade loves meeting new people through teaching Thai in Bangkok, Thailand.